Financial Management

We offer efficient and effective management and accounting for money or funds in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of your business. We deal with and analyse money and investments for businesses to help them make business decisions. We do this by acting as fiduciary agents and produce regular financial management reports to the entity that employs us. Whist performing this function we recognise the following elements of good financial management, accounting and control: planning, Controlling, Organising, Directing and Decision making.

Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting advisory services comprise providing accounting and financial reporting advice and supports to clients on a very wide range of transactions and events, including adherence to new or revised accounting standards. This also involves specialised advice on capital formation, cash flow and wealth management. We also help clients achieve compliance and advice on how the clients might organise their financial reporting processes and also help ensuring that accounting operations match the objectives of the business.

Financial and Accounting Due Diligence

This normally covers the legal, financial, tax commercial and business due diligence and is an assessment of the legal, financial and general business risks facing the entity. It is totally appropriate and recommended for both parties to a transaction for proper due diligence on each other, regardless of the deals, nature and whether you are buying, selling or merging. Our firm provides this function for our clients.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We offer premium business registration and compliance services which include preparation and filling of the annual returns, maintenance of statutory registers, processing of shares transfers and allotments, a corporate company secretary and deadline filing reminders. Access to professional company secretarial support is also included as part of our standard service offering.

Corporate Governance Due Diligence

  • • We review company records to ascertain its corporate governance structure, and determine compliance with legal and statutory requirements as stipulated in the Companies Act, Articles of Association and other applicable regulations.
  • • We make recommendations on necessary changes to current practices in line with best practices, identifying and detailing weaknesses.

Compensation Benefits Surveys

  • • We conduct comprehensive job analysis and evaluation of existing profiles including market analysis of comparator organisations and show, using statistical tools, how the findings compare with client’s current reward management system within the framework of the job grading system.
  • • We review and assess all existing employee benefits as stipulated in the client’s terms and conditions of service, compare these with comparative organisations, and recommend areas for improvement.
  • • We review and assess all current non-financial rewards if any, and recommend areas for improvement. Human Resources
  • • We assist clients in developing contracts of employment for various employees, to ensure that the terms specified therein meet relevant stipulations
  • .• We maintain a representative presence in and around operating areas during working hours to provide high quality HR management service.
  • • We provide regulatory advice and assistance which include opinions on compliance with HR matters, computation of end-of-service benefits, development and changes in labour legislation, and assistance with obtaining necessary permits and visas.

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