We provide a wide range of tax and tax advisory services covering corporate income taxes, personal income taxes, goods and services tax and customs duties.

Tax Compliance Services

  • • Compliance with all applicable taxes: withholding taxes on payments to suppliers, withholding taxes on payments from customers, provisional and final income taxes, employment taxes (PAYE and employer and employee NASSIT contributions), and goods and services tax (GST).
  • • Filing of monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns in accordance with local tax requirements, and submission of proof of filing.
  • • Management of tax field audits raised by the tax authorities.
  • • Liaise with the tax authorities on client tax issues as and when the need arises. Tax advisory services
  • • We provide tailored advice on tax and regulatory implications of different operations and/or transactions.
  • • We provide advice on non-tax laws having financial and commercial impact such as employment laws, social security contributions, environmental taxes, etc.
  • • We monitor proposed legislation and changes in all applicable laws, and advise on how those may affect business operations. Payroll services
  • • We assist in developing contracts of employment for all levels of employees, that meet regulatory requirements.
  • • We determine and calculate PAYE and NASSIT contributions, and advise on when payment is due to the relevant authorities. Assist in computing end-of-service benefits in accordance with regulation and/or specific agreements.
  • • Assist in remiting the calculated payments to the relevant authorities, and obtaining receipts. • Prepare required certificates showing employee earnings and tax deducted.

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